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                                                                                                     Revolutionizing the travel industry

Black Car has transformed transportation services by linking travelers with a statewide network of professional drivers, and our ambitions don't end there. Our envisioning of the future of travel is streamlined, eco-friendly, and principled. Join us on our quest to make high-quality service readily available and accessible globally.

                                                                                        More than twenty years of pioneering travel solutions

Established in 1999 by Paul DeLaurenttis, Black Car devised a more intelligent method to reserve and coordinate rides — an approach that's cost-effective, dependable, and efficient. Over the last decade, Black Car has expanded from a one-man venture in Orlando to an award-winning team of over 30 professionals with branches in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and West Palm Beach.

                                                                                                       Our core values

​                                                                                                     Embody dependability

Deliver a service that customers can depend on. Be a teammate your colleagues can rely on. Collaborate exclusively with trustworthy chauffeurs that we have faith in. Build trust and maintain it.

                                                                                                      Pioneer advancements

Seek opportunities for enhancement. Foster inquisitiveness. Learn swiftly from missteps and cultivate growth from the experience. Strive for daily improvement. Aspire to provide an exceptional service, become the industry trailblazer, and surpass guests' anticipations.

​                                                                                                        Show compassion

Show concern for our guests. Value our team of chauffeurs and each other. Be invested in making our product and service outstanding. Display care for our community and our contributions towards it.

​                                                                                                        Exceed expectations

Consider more than just the bare necessities. Be proactive in surpassing guests' anticipations. If you discern an area for improvement, seize the initiative to enhance it.

                                                                                                         Maintain ethical conduct

Behave in an equitable and truthful manner. Endeavor to consistently do what's right for our guests, chauffeurs, and each other. Treat everyone with an identical high degree of respect — precisely as you would wish to be treated.